Funding Instruments and Selection Procedure

The Research Alliance has a budget of 900,000€ provided by MWK for the period of almost 5 years (1.7.2016 until 31.03.2021). As an incentive for research activities across the locations a variety of funding instruments are provided.

Funding Instruments Funding
DFG funding cross-locational projects 10k€ for application
20k€ when granting DFG Sachbeihilfe
30k€ when granting DFG GRK / FG / SPP / SFB
BMBF/BMWI project proposal for cross-locational projects 5k€ for application
10k€ when granting
PhD funded by industry over 3 years with cross-locational supervision 10k€ per scholarship
Development of a new, strategic topic which is relevant across locations 1/3 E13 position (20k€), remaining 2/3 are funded by supervising professors
Top publications across locations (in dependence of discipline-ranking) 5k€
Travel grant for high-quality conferences for cross-locational publications
(in dependence of discipline-ranking)
Topic-specific workshops/colloquia on request

Besides the above-mentioned funding instruments, involved researchers are able to suggest indepent new and innovative approaches and ideas additionally.

Target Group

All researchers from Karlsruher Institute for Technology (KIT), University of Mannheim and the associated research organizations (Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI), Fraunhofer IOSB, FZI Karlsruhe, gesis, ZEW und ZI) are cordially invited to submit cross-locational cooperation proposals.

Submission Process

Across locations, cooperation activities can be submitted every time by email to Alexander Mädche ( Meaningful proposals for cooperation activities can be created in German or English. They should not be longer than six DIN A4 pages and have to describe the aim of the cooperation activity, the expected results, and their contribution to the research alliance and the proposed funding instrument. The proposals should be sent at 20.3., 20.6., 20.9. resp. 20.12. by email to Alexander Mädche. The deadline for final submission is 20.06.2020.

Additonally, the following application form has to be completed (scan is sufficient): application form

The selection of research cooperations for funding is done by an interdisciplinary executive committee of the research alliance in different locations. The selection criterias are the quality of the proposed research, the qualification of the applicants, and the objectives as well as the relevance of the proposed cooperation activity. The executive committee meets once per quarter. Decisions of funding will be communicated latest at the beginning of every quarter. The executive committee may ask further questions, which means that applicants should be prepared for a "re-battle" in the days after submission.